wall charger

No fussy cables,no messy wires:
Liberate your counter or workspace from a sea of entangled wires. Simply plug the wall charger into an AC outlet, place your iPhone or iPod into the charging dock, and let the charging begin

Six integrated US AC outlets for a cumulative 1,875 watt output:
You can power anything from blenders and vacuum cleaners to guitar amps

Charge your favorite devices via the 4 USB ports:
The Wall Charging Station boasts 4 USB ports-two 2.1A ports and two 1A ports.Plus, the USB circuits feature overload and short-circuit protection and full surge protection for AC oulets so you can safely power your portable playthings with peace of mind

Night or day, the built-in 3mm nightlight lights your way:
The Wall Charging Station’s 3mm blue nightlight enables you know exactly where your gadget is,whether you’re in a darkly-lit hallway at home or an unfamiliar hotel room
You can even adjust the nightlight brightness by clicking the on/off button once for the lowest setting, again for the brightest setting, and once more to turn it off

Helpful LED indicator provides vital operating stats:
Stay informed about such operational issues as loose connections, USB overloads and short-circuits

Sleek and streamlined design:
Sporting dimensions of 4.25″ x 6″ and a 1.5″ profile depth when plugged into an AC outlet, this wall charger stands out based on its merits and not its physical size

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